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Order value for fall/winter 2014 amounts to SEK 121 million

Odd Molly International AB (publ)

Stockholm, Sweden, March 27, 2014

The order value for Odd Molly’s fall and winter 2014 collections amounts to approximately SEK 121 million. This again represents a strong increase, of SEK 26 million or 27 percent, compared with the same collections a year earlier and is proof that the changes which have been made in the form of a new category strategy and stronger design and sales organization are having an effect.

The order value for the fall and winter 2014 collections follows the same growth pattern as the previous year, with increases when measured in SEK, number of items and average order.

"I am pleased that our many retailers have shown such strong confidence in us and that our customers, both big and small, are buying more. It is especially gratifying to see that our large customers are increasing the most, partly because they can vary their selection more thanks to our new category strategy, which is better integrated and offers more new merchandise, and partly because we still see great potential to develop interesting collaborations going forward," said Anna Attemark, CEO of Odd Molly.

The total order value for the fall and winter 2014 collections amounts to approximately SEK 121 million, compared with an order value of approximately SEK 95 million for the fall and winter 2013 collections. The order value includes orders from external retailers in 21 countries and orders for the Group’s own stores, shop-in-shops and web shop, excluding the customary retail markup.

"The clearly positive trend shows that we have achieved the balance in the collection we had sought with our new category strategy - in terms of both product and price. Another important success factor is the emphasis on own sales channels, which strengthen the brand and give us an opportunity to drive sales," said Anna Attemark.

Odd Molly’s five largest markets are Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark and the US. Against the backdrop of the company’s growing share of retail sales through its own stores and its intention to transition from two to four sales promotion periods per year, Odd Molly will no longer announce its order values separately.

After the order deadline, Odd Molly produces only enough of the upcoming collection to fill confirmed orders from external retailers and orders from Group-owned stores based on estimated sales volume, which reduces operational risk and tied-up capital. The remaining uncertainty regarding final sales is partly due to future exchange rates and partly to the solvency of individual retailers and size of added margins on sales through the Group’s own channels. These factors will continue to be closely monitored.

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